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Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Each proposed occupant over the age of eighteen (18) must complete a rental application.



All proposed occupants over the age of eighteen (18) must have valid, government issued photo identification. All proposed occupants must also provide a valid social security number.



A non-refundable application fee is required at the time of application along with an application deposit for the floorplan desired. The application fee and application deposit may be paid only with separate cashier’s checks or money orders. The application fee is $50 per application form. Married couples may use one form. All other adult applicants must each complete a separate form.



If the application is denied, the application deposit will be returned to the applicant unless it is determined that the applicant provided false or incomplete information. Once submitted, you may not withdraw the application. Read the application carefully before signing it to be sure you understand all terms and conditions.



Occupancy is limited to two (2) persons per bedroom plus a child who is less than six (6) months old and sleeps in the same bedroom with the child’s parent, guardian or legal custodian. For purposes of occupancy limits, “efficiency” apartments are considered to have one bedroom, and one bedroom + den apartments are considered to have two bedrooms.



Applications are evaluated using a point rating system. Your application will be assigned points based upon your rental history, work history, income, credit record and other factors. Reports will be obtained from third parties including, but not limited to, Resident Credit Reporting (RCR), governmental criminal records, at least one major credit reporting agency, prior landlords, and employers. A minimum of 20 points is required to be approved without additional requirements. Points are earned as follows:

Income 3X rent +5
Income 4X rent +10
Current job 2+ years +5
Current home 2+ years +5
Recent homeownership +10
Favorable rental history +5 to +20
Unfavorable rental history -5 to -10
Favorable credit +2 per account
Unfavorable credit -5 per account
Favorable RCR +5
Eviction history -10



You are advised that our rental criteria do not constitute a representation or warranty that all residents meet these criteria. There may be instances where existing residents have lived here since before our current rental criteria were established. Conformance with our rental criteria may also be limited by the accuracy and completeness of information that we may obtain from third parties. Conformance with our rental criteria may also be limited by events that occur after an application is processed.



Based on our evaluation of your application, you may be approved subject to the collection of an additional deposit or a guaranty provided by a qualified third party. If an additional deposit is required, it will be in addition to the standard deposit and pet deposit (if applicable). The additional deposit will be applied to charges or refunded in the same manner as other deposits required under the lease.



As a general rule, applicants found to have a felony conviction will be denied. Other criminal records may also be grounds for denial.



One animal under twenty (20) pounds is allowed per apartment, subject to the payment of an animal deposit plus a one-time animal fee.



If your application is approved, you will be required to sign the lease documentation within three (3) days of approval notification. Failure to sign the lease documents within three (3) days of approval may mean that your deposit will be retained as liquidated damages and the apartment will be placed back on the rental market.



If your application is found to contain false information, the application deposit will be retained as liquidated damages.




Notwithstanding any information provided in the rental application, applicant represents that he/she meets the minimum standards set forth in these guidelines.


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Applicant Signature



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